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Whether you are looking for a sport to take part in or to be a spectator of, you will find interesting and useful information in our A to Z of Sports and Games.

If you look at the history of many sports, especially the older ones, you'll see that they evolved from the skills needed for survival. For example, javelin throwing and archery helped with catching the wild animals needed for food, swimming enabled rivers to be crossed, and fencing helped you defend yourself.

Times have changed and nowadays heart and lung diseases, obesity and digestive illness are the dangers. However, keeping yourself in good physical condition will help you avoid these problems for longer. Note that some sports will tend to make you arch your back, and if you have back trouble that could make it worse. This applies particularly to strenuous movements - such as serving in tennis, or the crawl stroke in swimming. Consult your doctor if you are not sure if you are healthy enough to take part in a particular sport.

When taking part in a strenuous sport, if you begin to feel the strain, take it easier. But taking it easy should not mean giving up sport completely. Not all sports require strenuous exercise and peak fitness. So, if your favorite sport is becoming too strenuous as you get older, look for a more gentle sport - there a number to choose from. How about, bowls, fishing, golf or skittles? Remember that every day you stay fit and healthy could add months and even years to your life.

Don't forget that laughter and good spirits are every bit as important as good physical health. That's why taking part in sports, especially taking part in group sports, is an excellent way to get exercise and burn up calories and at the same time have fun and meet people.